Ruven Jaime Rivera


I have just finished my third year at The University of Texas at Austin studying computer science honors as a Turing Scholar. My life goals are to revolutionize the world through technology and inspire students to pursue their dreams with computer science.


Proficiency: C++, Java, Python
Familiarity: Assembly, C, C#, JavaScript, Objective-C, PHP

CS Interests

I love making things fast. While studying CS, I developed a strong background in advanced algorithms and data structures, which led me to my university's ACM ICPC team for competitive programming and allowed me to become both an instructor and teaching assistant for courses on algorithms.

Given my interest for real-time performance, I've grown to love computer vision and computer graphics. I plan to learn all I can about both fields and apply my interests in Artificial Intelligence as well.

Starting Summer 2015, I will begin to research computer vision with Dr. Kristen Grauman.


I program a lot, but I do lots of other things too. I...

Know quite a few magic tricks.
Compete in typing competitions.
Compete with my university's billiards club.
Love logical board games like scrabble and chess.
Have constructed my own system for competitive memory.
Enjoy playing soccer, basketball, football, ultimate, and more.